DELIS (Dynamically Evolving Large Scale Information Systems)
    2006 – 2008
    Funding Entity: EU-FET-001907 · Coordinator: Stefano Leonardi.

    FOC (Forecasting Financial Crises)
    2011 – 2014

    LiMoSINe (Linguistically Motivated Semantic Aggregation Engines)
    2012 – 2014
    Funding Entity: EU ICT - STREP - FP7 · Coordinator: Maarten de Rijke.
    LiMoSINe aims at developing a new truly semantic aggregation paradigm for search engines,
    with the objectives of enabling semantically structural access to multi-lingual online content.

    Project HOT
    New tool creation, based on the results and learnings of project QuQu.
    Main focus is US market. Tool will provide trend-analysis based on the given keyword, showing last 13 month history of searches (minimum). Primary goal of the tool is to provide keyword insights for Account Management and Creative teams on the go. By being able to review specific search trends, client facing teams can guide clients better , spot opportunities quicker and turn them into sales.
    Project Leader, project ongoing

    Web Information Retrieval · Web Mining · Graph Mining · Data Mining · Machine Learning