Hi! I am Jefrey, Assistant Professor in Data Science, Knowledge Discovery, and Visual Analytics, at Ghent University's Internet and Data Lab (IDLab), in the Dept. of Electronics and Information Systems (ELIS) of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture.

    What I do: Together with people in the AI & Data Analytics (AIDA) group, I design algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insight from data. My research is mostly about personalization, visualization, and interaction in data exploration.

    In this context, personalisation is about enabling algorithms to take into account what is most relevant (to focus on) and what you already know.
    Similarly, data visualization is a powerful method to communicate the contents of data and models to any end-user, whether that is an analyst, subject expert, manager, or the general public.
    In order to personalize the results, it is necessary to make algorithms and systems interactive, such that the person analysing some data can steer the analytics and modelling process.