He was visiting researcher at the Computer Science Department of College Park, University of Maryland (1999), SENSEable Lab. at MIT Boston (2008), Transportation Research Institute at Hasselt University of Belgium(2010) and the Applied Movement Behaviour Research Group, University of Brunswick – Canada (2012).

    He has been working in the computer science research since late 90's, especially in the databases and data mining areas. He collaborates to the main international conferences in the area, in the roles of author, program committee member or reviewer. He authored 60+ international publications, mainly on several aspects of human mobility, such as data mining on spatio-temporal data (theory, algorithms and applications for clustering, classification and sequential patterns for trajectories of moving objects), applications on transportation and smart cities (traffic models, carpooling systems), mobile phone data analysis (GSM-based estimation of population and flows) and Big Data for Official Statistics (leveraging mining models