I am an Associate Professor in Software Institute, Nanjing University. I got PhD degree in Computer Science from Institute of Computer Software at CS Department of Nanjing University in 2007. My PhD Supervisor is Prof. Jian LÜ in Nanjing University. My current research interests include Text Mining, Natural Language Processing, Cloud Computing, Process Mining, Software Engineering, Workflow, Petri nets, Distributed Computing, Services Computing, Software Architecture, Inheritance of Behavior, Formal Methods, Software Process, Formal Verification, Model Checking, UML, Mobile Agents, etc. I am looking for the students who are interested in Text Mining, Natural Language Processing, Big data, Cloud Computing, Process Mining, Workflow Technology. 研究兴趣:文本挖掘、自然语言处理、大数据、云计算、过程挖掘、软件工程、工作流、Petri网、分布式计算、服务计算、软件体系结构、行为继承、形式化方法、软件过程、形式化验证、模型检验、UML、移动Agent等。