Prof. Egyed is a full professor at the Johannes Kepler University, Austria and heads the Institute for Systems Engineering and Automation (SEA) there. He received a Doctorate degree in 2000 in Computer Science from the University of Southern California, USA, then worked as a Research Scientist for Teknowledge Corporation, USA and, finally as a Research Fellow at the University College London, UK for over 12 years. Dr. Egyed is internationally recognized for his work on model inconsistencies and model traceability. He has published over 90 papers in all premier conferences and journals in software engineering. An article in the journal of the Communications of the ACM (June 2007) recognized Dr. Egyed as the 10th best scholar in software engineering. He received a best paper award from COMPSAC 2011, a recognition of service award from the IEEE and ACM, has served as keynote speaker, and was recently named an IBM CAS Fellow. In terms of citations, he is placed among the Top 1-3% in the software engineering community according to various citation engines (Academic Microsoft, Google Scholar, ArnetMiner) - .e.g., Google Scholar lists nearly 3000 citations. His paper on “Instant Consistency Checking for the UML” (the foundation of this project) is listed among the Top 150 software engineering papers published in the last 5 years in ArnetMiner (out of roughly 45,000 papers listed there). Dr. Egyed regularly reviews in almost all important conferences and journals. His consistency checking technology is currently being transitioned to industrial use by IBM, to be included in their JAZZ platform.