Fulfillment-Time-Aware Personalized Ranking for On-Demand Food Recommendation

Conference on Information and Knowledge Management(2021)

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ABSTRACTOn-demand food delivery (OFD) platforms have greatly impacted the food service industry, where OFD recommendation systems play a central role in enhancing user experience and raising revenues. OFD recommendation, compared with existing online e-commerce recommendation systems, needs to put more emphasis on fulfillment time related variables, because the order fulfillment cycle time (OFCT) which refers to the time elapsed between a user placing a food order and receiving the food significantly influences a user's choice from the recommended items. In this paper, we investigate the OFCT related information and propose a Fulfillment-Time-Aware Personalized Ranking (FTAPR) method for recommendation. FTAPR mainly consists of three components. First, Transformers are used to estimate OFCT based on a large amount of user order sequences. Then, the predicted OFCT and other OFCT related features are fused and encoded by a deep & cross network to learn fulfillment time related feature representation. At the last step, the time bias representation from the deep & cross network is integrated into the ranking system to deliver final search results. Extensive offline and online experiments on real-world datasets collected from one of China's largest OFD platforms Ele.me show the superiority of our model, e.g., an online A/B testing shows that FTAPR brings 1.3% and 2.5% gains in CTR and CVR compared with baselines.
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