Dr. Sebastian Deterding is a translational designer and researcher working on wellbeing-driven experience design: creating motivating, gameful, and playful experiences that support human flourishing. He is broadly interested in how code shapes conduct: how software and games pervade everyday life, and what ramifications this holds for individuals, communities, ethics, and design.

    He is a reader at the Digital Creativity Labs at the University of York (York, UK) and founder and principal of the design agency coding conduct, working for clients including the BBC, BMW, Deutsche Telekom, Greenpeace, KLM, Novartis, Otto Group, and numerous startups. He is founder and organizer of the Gamification Research Network, and co-editor of The Gameful World (MIT Press, 2015), a book about the ludification of culture, and Role-Playing Game Studies (Routledge, 2018), a handbook on role-playing games co-created by more than 50 authors.

    An internationally sought after speaker, he has been invited to present and keynote at venues like UX London, Lift, Interaction, GDC, Games Learning Society, Web Directions, Playful, Google, IDEO, and Microsoft Research among others, and has been been featured on TED. His work has been covered by The Guardian, The New Scientist, the Los Angeles Times, arte, and EDGE Magazine among others.