Hi, I’m Michelle Cheatham. I currently work as an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. My research is on Semantic Web topics as well as topics related to cybersecurity, which I developed expertise in while working for the Air Force Research Lab. I co-lead the Data Semantics (DaSe) Lab together with Pascal Hitzler, which is a part of the Data Science and Security Cluster (DSSC). I am also part of the team developing Wright State’s new online cybersecurity master’s program.

I’ve had a somewhat winding career path, in that I worked as a civil servant at the Air Force Research Lab for quite awhile before going back to school. After seven years of government employment, TPS reports got the better of me. I quit my cushy government job and tried out various other places of employment. Eventually I landed at Wright State University, and it has been a great fit. Being an academic is fantastic — I get the opportunity to meet tons of fascinating people and talk about interesting ideas with them.