He is a professor of information technology at the Faculty of Engineering and IT, UTS; and the founding Director of the UTS Advanced Analytics Institute, UTS.

    He has been promoting Data Science and Analytics research, education and development since he was a chief technology officer focused on business intelligence and then joined academia. In 2007, he named the first Australian lab Data Science and Knowledge Discovery lab at UTS. In 2011, he founded the first Australian group Advanced Analytics Institute at UTS which was the only group mentioned in several government papers. In 2011, he established the world-first research degrees: Master of Analytics (Research) and PhD: Analytics. In 2012, he established the annual Big Data Summit, which provides a platform for bridging the gap between academic, industry and government. In 2013, he founded the IEEE Task Force on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (DSAA) and IEEE Task Force on Behavior, Economic and Soci-cultural Computing (BESC). In 2014, he established the IEEE Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics and the ACM SIGKDD Australia and New Zealand Chapter. In 2015, he started the International Journal of Data Science and Analytics with Springer.

    His main efforts in the past decades have been made on studying data science fundamental issues (in particular complex data and behaviours, and non-IID learning and behaviour informatics), general machine learning and artificial intelligence issues, and better practice and actionable discovery for enterprise data science and analytics-driven decision-support. He and his team made very earlier commitment in data science to real-life big data analytics issues for many large governmental and industrial organizations inside and outside Australia since over 15 years ago at UTS, including capital markets, social warfare, taxation, immigration, financial service, telecommunication, banking, insurance, health and medical service, online businesses, social networks, recommendation, marketing, airline business, transport, and education.