Uzzi Ornan is a visiting Professor at the Department of Computer Science. He has been teaching at the department since 1987, after serving as a Professor in the Department of Hebrew Linguistics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for many years. He received his Ph.D. in Humanities from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1964. Being a linguist, he inclined to formal approach and followed Chomsky\'s ideas. Eventually he became acquainted with the computer and used it as a simulator for the linguistic ability and knowledge of humans. Professor Ornan published dozens of papers in Hebrew morphology, syntax, phonology and lexicography, as well as some books, among them "Grammar of Mouth and Ear" in 1947 and many later editions, Hebrew Syntax (1963, 69, 79),"Dictionary of Forgotten Words" (1996) and "The Final Word - Mechanism for Hebrew Word Generation" (2003)