His primary research area covers decision-making under uncertainty, human-aided machine learning, symbolic AI, trustworthiness and interpretability in machine learning, and their numerous applications to BIGDATA, autonomous driving, and healthcare informatics. In his current research, he has more than 30 publications on several notable venues, such as NIPS, UAI, AAAI, IJCAI, AAMAS, JAIR, IEEE TNNLS, ACM TECS, etc. His research is funded by NSF, Amazon, Tencent (China), Adobe, and ETRI (South Korea). He is the recipient of the UAI’2015 Facebook best student paper award and the Amazon research award in 2018. His research results have been covered by many prestigious venues, including the classical textbook “Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction”(2nd edition), NIPS’2015/IJCAI’2016/AAAI’2019 tutorials.