Exploring the Impact of Rendering Method and Motion Quality on Model Performance when Using Multi-view Synthetic Data for Action Recognition.

Stanislav Panev, Emily Kim, Sai Abhishek Si Namburu, Desislava Nikolova, Celso de Melo, Fernando De la Torre,Jessica K. Hodgins

IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision(2024)

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This paper explores the use of synthetic data in a human action recognition (HAR) task to avoid the challenges of obtaining and labeling real-world datasets. We introduce a new dataset suite comprising five datasets, eleven common human activities, three synchronized camera views (aerial and ground) in three outdoor environments, and three visual domains (real and two synthetic). For the synthetic data, two rendering methods (standard computer graphics and neural rendering) and two sources of human motions (motion capture and video-based motion reconstruction) were employed. We evaluated each dataset type by training popular activity recognition models and comparing the performance on the real test data. Our results show that synthetic data achieve slightly lower accuracy (4–8 %) than real data. On the other hand, a model pre-trained on synthetic data and fine-tuned on limited real data surpasses the performance of either domain alone. Standard computer graphics (CG)-rendered data delivers better performance than the data generated from the neural-based rendering method. The results suggest that the quality of the human motions in the training data also affects the test results: motion capture delivers higher test accuracy. Additionally, a model trained on CG aerial view synthetic data exhibits greater robustness against camera viewpoint changes than one trained on real data. See the project page: http://humansensinglab.github.io/REMAG/
Action Recognition,Motion Quality,Training Data,Motion Capture,Real Test,Human Motion,Camera View,Human Activity Recognition,Action Recognition Model,Gestures,Real-world Data,Source Images,3D Mesh,Video Sequences,Activity Classification,Activity Categories,Action Classes,Motion Data,3D Graph,Synthetic Data Generation,RGB Video,Video Action Recognition,Synthetic Variants,Synthetic Training Data,Source Motion
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