Rapid thermal process for fabricating α-alumina tight ultrafiltration membrane with narrow pore size distribution

Journal of the European Ceramic Society(2024)

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The development of tight ceramic ultrafiltration membranes for water purification facilitates is challenging because of high fabrication costs and low permeate flux. In this study, a low-energy rapid thermal process (RTP) was comprehensively investigated for fabricating of high-precision, permeable α-alumina tight ultrafiltration membranes. Compared to the conventional thermal process (CTP), RTP offers an ultra-fast heating rate and shorter holding time, effectively mitigating grain growth and pore aggregation. Moreover, the decomposition of organic matter is delayed during RTP, providing a lower interfacial energy that enables direct formation of α-alumina at a low temperature of 750 °C. During a secondary subsequent RTP, the residual phase is fully converted to α-alumina by the in-situ seeding effect. By utilizing RTP, we successfully prepared α-alumina ultrafiltration membranes within 30min by calcination, with an average pore size of approximately 6nm, a narrow pore distribution coefficient of 1.12, and high permeance of 219L-1·m-2·h-1·bar-1.
Rapid thermal process,α-Alumina,Tight ultrafiltration membrane,Ceramic membrane,Narrow pore size distribution
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