Beyond diagnosis: investigating hospital referral impact on biological treatment initiation, hospital admission, and surgery patterns in inflammatory bowel disease - a Danish population based study


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ObjectivesEarly biological treatment in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is important in disease control. Previous studies have suggested that patients with IBD from Non-Academic Hospitals were less likely to receive biologics. The aims of this study were (1) to use the granular data in the clinical database, GASTROBIO, to study detailed differences in time from IBD diagnosis to first administration of biologics, hospital admission, and surgery in patients referred to Academic Hospitals versus to Non-Academic Hospitals, and (2) to explore differences in disease extent, behavior, and indication for biological treatment.Material and methodsThis was a retrospective cross-sectional descriptive population-based quality study of patients with IBD initiating biologics in the North Denmark Region between 2016 and 2018. Data from GASTROBIO were extracted, namely demographic data, time of diagnosis, biological treatments with indications, hospital admission, and surgery.ResultsOf the 146 patients included, 84 were from the Academic and 62 from the Non-Academic Hospitals. No significant differences in median time from diagnosis to (1) treatment, (2) hospital admission or (3) IBD surgery between the groups were observed. A higher percentage of patients with luminal Crohn's disease were treated with biologics at the Academic Hospital (78% and 66%).ConclusionsBased on the findings of this population-based study, we found no evidence that the referral area had a significant impact on the duration from diagnosis to the initiation of biological treatment, hospital admissions, or surgery. However, the data suggested that fewer patients with luminal Crohn's disease were referred to biologics from Non-Academic Hospitals.
Biological therapy,Crohn's disease,ulcerative colitis,inflammatory bowel disease,rural,academic,non-academic
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