Multi-Domain Incremental Learning for Face Presentation Attack Detection

AAAI 2024(2024)

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Previous face Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) methods aim to improve the effectiveness of cross-domain tasks. However, in real-world scenarios, the original training data of the pre-trained model is not available due to data privacy or other reasons. Under these constraints, general methods for fine-tuning single-target domain data may lose previously learned knowledge, leading to a catastrophic forgetting problem. To address these issues, we propose a multi-domain incremental learning (MDIL) method for PAD, which not only learns knowledge well from the new domain but also maintains the performance of previous domains stably. Specifically, we propose an adaptive domain-specific experts (ADE) framework based on the vision transformer to preserve the discriminability of previous domains. Furthermore, an asymmetric classifier is designed to keep the output distribution of different classifiers consistent, thereby improving the generalization ability. Extensive experiments show that our proposed method achieves state-of-the-art performance compared to prior methods of incremental learning. Excitingly, under more stringent setting conditions, our method approximates or even outperforms the DA/DG-based methods.
CV: Biometrics, Face, Gesture & Pose
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