Momentum accelerated unfolding network with spectral-spatial prior for computational spectral imaging


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Edge computing is a key technology in computational imaging, where the algorithms determine reconstruction quality and reconstruction speed. Recovering spectral information from ill -conditioned data of coded aperture snapshots is a novel but challenging solution in spectral imaging for dynamic scenes. Further study is necessary to enhance the edge computing power of computational spectral programs. Deep unfolding networks have made considerable headway in this direction, but the existing methods still have two drawbacks: (1) The 3D spectral cube exhibits long-range dependency and non -local self -similarity in both spatial and spectral dimensions, yet learn the global features of spatial and spectral is difficult, which remains to be investigated. (2) The global features degenerate as the number of iterations increases. To solve the above problems, this paper proposes a Momentum Accelerated Unfolding Network with Spectral-Spatial prior (MAUNSS). Specifically, a denoising module based on a spectral-spatial transformer is designed, which uses both sparse spectral features to recover global information and dense spatial features to enhance detail texture. Within such a framework, crossstage feature transmission channels transmitting features across spectral and spatial transformers at different stages are built to avoid feature degeneration. In order to increase the training speed and save the time and cost associated with the iterative approach, we improve it by means of the momentum acceleration module. Supplemented by a re -projection loss, a technique introduced from 3D measurement, the accuracy is further improved. To the best of our knowledge, the proposed method is an attempt to use momentum to expedite the convergence of unfolding networks. Extensive experiments demonstrate that our proposed method outperforms previous state-of-the-art methods by more than 1.94 dB.
Spectral,Spatial,Compressive sensing,CASSI,Unfolding framework
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