Benchmarking and Building Long-Context Retrieval Models with LoCo and M2-BERT


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Retrieval pipelines-an integral component of many machine learning systems-perform poorly in domains where documents are long (e.g., 10K tokens or more) and where identifying the relevant document requires synthesizing information across the entire text. Developing long-context retrieval encoders suitable for these domains raises three challenges: (1) how to evaluate long-context retrieval performance, (2) how to pretrain a base language model to represent both short contexts (corresponding to queries) and long contexts (corresponding to documents), and (3) how to fine-tune this model for retrieval under the batch size limitations imposed by GPU memory constraints. To address these challenges, we first introduce LoCoV1, a novel 12 task benchmark constructed to measure long-context retrieval where chunking is not possible or not effective. We next present the M2-BERT retrieval encoder, an 80M parameter state-space encoder model built from the Monarch Mixer architecture, capable of scaling to documents up to 32K tokens long. We describe a pretraining data mixture which allows this encoder to process both short and long context sequences, and a finetuning approach that adapts this base model to retrieval with only single-sample batches. Finally, we validate the M2-BERT retrieval encoder on LoCoV1, finding that it outperforms competitive baselines by up to 23.3 points, despite containing 5-90x fewer parameters.
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