Unlocking the Potential of Unstructured Data in Business Documents Through Document Intelligence.

ACM IKDD Conference on Data Science(2024)

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With the recent advancements, organizations have brought data to the forefront of their digital transformation journeys. Financial services industry is also moving towards adopting data-driven strategies for improved and faster decision making and providing enhanced customer experience. While advances generally in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and specifically in Machine Learning (ML) have fueled a lot of analytics, it is largely restricted to structured data as it is well organized and is easy to work with. This tutorial presents the opportunities to unlock the potential in unstructured documents in financial domain. These forms of data are more challenging to interpret, but can deliver a more comprehensive and holistic understanding of the bigger picture. While there are challenges around processing such document, ability to quickly make decisions by leveraging such data can provide differentiated value propositions and competitive benefits. This tutorial start with select problems & challenges in Document AI space and use cases involving such documents, show the business opportunities present and describe the technical challenges involved. Subsequently, we discuss techniques and algorithms for several document processing requirements and real world applications.
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