Doppler-resilient waveform design in integrated MIMO radar-communication systems

Science China Information Sciences(2023)

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In recent years, the increased high-rate wireless services (5G and 6G) and reliable sensing capabilities (automotive radar, air traffic control, geophysical monitoring), have led to more serious spectrum congestion. Conventionally, radars and communication systems are often seen to be “competing” for the same resources. In this scenario, an integrated platform for radar and communication systems seems to be an optimal solution to address the problem. In this paper, we propose a preamble waveform design based on zero-correlation zone (ZCZ) and zero odd-correlation zone (ZOCZ) sequence sets, which are Doppler resilient in multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) radar. The preamble waveforms can be simultaneously used for channel estimation and radar sensing in RadCom systems. The ambiguity function of the proposed waveforms displays low/zero sidelobes within a time-delay correlation zone. Finally, we give some numerical results to show the efficiency of the proposed waveforms in radar sensing and channel estimation.
ambiguity function,correlation,channel estimation,integrated radar and communication (Rad-Com) systems,MIMO radar,zero correlation zone (ZCZ) sequence set,zero odd-correlation zone (ZOCZ) sequence set
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