Impact of implantation depth and calcium burden on infranodal conduction delay after transcatheter aortic valve replacement


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BACKGROUND Infranodal conduction disorders are common after transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). Risk factors are incompletely understood. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to assess the impact of valve implantation depth and calcium burden of the device landing zone on infranodal conduction intraprocedure pre and post-TAVR. METHODS In all patients undergoing TAVR between June 2020 and June 2021, the His -ventricle (HV) interval was measured pre and post -valve deployment. The difference between the 2 measurements defined delta HV, whereas infranodal conduction delay was defined as HV interval >55 ms. Valve implantation depth was measured as the distance between the aortic annular plane and the ventricular prosthesis end. Calcium burden was quantified as the volume of calcium in 6 regions of interest: the non-, right, and left coronary cusps (NCC, RCC, and LCC, respectively) and the corresponding regions of the left ventricular outflow tract (LVOT) underlying each cusp (LVOTNCC, LVOTRCC, LVOTLCC, respectively). RESULTS Of 101 patients (mean age 81 +/- 5.7 years; 47% women), 37 demonstrated infranodal conduction delay intra procedure post TAVR. Overall, mean implantation depth was 5 +/- 3.1 mm, median calcium volume was 2080 mm(3) [interquartile range 632-2400]. Delta HV showed no correlation with implantation depth or calcium burden (r = -0.08 and r = 0.12, respectively). However, LVOTNCC calcification was a significant predictor for infranodal conduction delay post -valve deployment in a multivariable logistic regression model (odds ratio 1.62 per 100-mm(3) increase (95% confidence interval 1.06-2.69; P = .04). CONCLUSION Assessment of LVOTNCC calcification may identify patients at risk for infranodal conduction delay after TAVR, whereas implantation depth did not predict infranodal conduction delay.
HV interval,Implantation depth,Infranodal conduc- tion delay,Left ventricular outflow tract calcification,Transcatheter aortic valve replacement
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