Compensation of transmission delay of SM controlled DC/DC converter systems

2023 35th Chinese Control and Decision Conference (CCDC)(2023)

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In order to solve the problem of transmission delay located in DC/DC converter systems, a novel compensation approach is proposed by combining sliding mode (SM) control and predictive control. Taking an n-phase interleaving DC/DC buck converter as an example to simulate the signal transmission in such systems like the distributed energy and DC micro-grid types, the discrete model is established, following the design of discrete SM controller based on Lyapunov stability. Considering the random property of the transmission delay, a buffer zone is adopted to change the delay time into a fixed value, and further, a multistep prediction approach is used to estimate the length of the delay time. By using the robustness of SM controller, the influence of transmission delay can be compensated automatically, following the analysis of the system stability. Simulations validate the proposed approach.
transmission delay,sliding mode control,DC/DC converter,predictive control,stability
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