Entorhinal cortex glutamatergic and GABAergic projections bidirectionally control discrimination and generalization of hippocampal representations.

Vincent Robert, Keelin O'Neil,Shannon K Rashid, Cara D Johnson, Rodrigo G De La Torre,Boris V Zemelman,Claudia Clopath,Jayeeta Basu

bioRxiv (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)(2023)

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Discrimination and generalization are crucial brain-wide functions for memory and object recognition that utilize pattern separation and completion computations. Circuit mechanisms supporting these operations remain enigmatic. We show lateral entorhinal cortex glutamatergic (LEC GLU ) and GABAergic (LEC GABA ) projections are essential for object recognition memory. Silencing LEC GLU during in vivo two-photon imaging increased the population of active CA3 pyramidal cells but decreased activity rates, suggesting a sparse coding function through local inhibition. Silencing LEC GLU also decreased place cell remapping between different environments validating this circuit drives pattern separation and context discrimination. Optogenetic circuit mapping confirmed that LEC GLU drives dominant feedforward inhibition to prevent CA3 somatic and dendritic spikes. However, conjunctively active LEC GABA suppresses this local inhibition to disinhibit CA3 pyramidal neuron soma and selectively boost integrative output of LEC and CA3 recurrent network. LEC GABA thus promotes pattern completion and context generalization. Indeed, without this disinhibitory input, CA3 place maps show decreased similarity between contexts. Our findings provide circuit mechanisms whereby long-range glutamatergic and GABAergic cortico-hippocampal inputs bidirectionally modulate pattern separation and completion, providing neuronal representations with a dynamic range for context discrimination and generalization.
entorhinal cortex glutamatergic,gabaergic projections,representations,control
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