Classification of 1+1D gapless symmetry protected phases via topological holography

arXiv (Cornell University)(2023)

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Symmetry topological field theory (SymTFT) gives a holographic correspondence between systems with a global symmetry and a higher-dimensional topological field theory. In this framework, classification of gapped phases of matter in spacetime dimension 1+1D correspond to classifications of mechanisms to confine the SymTFT by condensing anyons. In this work, we extend these results to characterize gapless symmetry-protected topological states: symmetry-enriched gapless phases or critical points that exhibit edge modes protected by symmetry and topology. We establish a one-to-one correspondence between 1+1D bosonic gSPTs, and partially-confined boundaries of 2+1D SymTFTs. From general physical considerations, we determine the set of data and consistency conditions required to define a 1+1D gSPT, and show that this data precisely matches that of symmetry-preserving partial confinement (or partially gapped boundaries) of 2+1D quantum double models. We illustrate this correspondence through a dimensional reduction (thin-slab) construction, which enables a physically-intuitive derivation of how properties of the gSPT such as edge modes, emergent anomalies, and stability to perturbations arise from the SymTFT perspective.ditions required to define a 1+1D gSPT and show that they fully determine the physics of the gSPT including edge modes and emergent anomaly.
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