Broadband optical nonlinearity and all-optical switching features in low-defect GaN

Optics express(2023)

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GaN is a one of promising materials for nonlinear optical applications. In this work, the broadband nonlinear optical response and potential applications for all-optical switching (AOS) are evaluated in low-defect GaN. In the pump-probe experiments, the ultrafast optical switching times are consistent with pulse widths accompanied with relative weak free-carrier absorption response, and the modulation contrast can reach similar to 60% by varying the polarization orientations between the pump and probe lights. In the visible region, the broadband two-photon absorption effect exhibits excellent values for the imaginary part of figure of merit (FOM), providing the possibility of AOS based on nonlinear absorption (magnitude). While in the near-infrared region and under the presence of three-photon absorption, not only the real part of FOM based on Kerr effect is evaluated, but also the maximum light intensity for the usage of AOS based on nonlinear refraction (phase) is determined. The broadband nonlinear optical and AOS features in low-defect GaN will be highly favorable for the applications in the field of integrated nonlinear photonics and photonic circuits.
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