Book Size, Book Format: Historical Relationship in the HathiTrust Digital Library Metadata (1500-1799)

2023 ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL)(2023)

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Digital libraries create new scholarly possibilities for investigating hook format at scale, providing a valuable perspective for hook history. This study evaluates the historical relationship between hook format and book size using the HathiTrust Digital Library metadata of 133,268 books published between 1500 and 1799. We found that: (1) the size of books generally decreased; (2) smaller hook formats gradually replaced larger hook formats; and, (3) book size can predict book format relatively accurately. Our findings suggest possible automated improvements to digital library metadata where information about book size is better represented than format, enabling book historians to estimate the prevalence of formats and analyze publication trends.
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Digital library,Bibliographic metadata,Book history,Machine learning
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