A Detailed Analysis of the SpaceSaving$\pm$ Family of Algorithms with Bounded Deletions

arXiv (Cornell University)(2023)

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In this paper, we present an advanced analysis of near optimal deterministic algorithms using a small space budget to solve the frequency estimation, heavy hitters, frequent items, and top-k approximation in the bounded deletion model. We define the family of SpaceSaving$\pm$ algorithms and explain why the original SpaceSaving$\pm$ algorithm only works when insertions and deletions are not interleaved. Next, we introduce the new DoubleSpaceSaving$\pm$ and the IntegratedSpaceSaving$\pm$ and prove their correctness. They show similar characteristics and both extend the popular space-efficient SpaceSaving algorithm. However, these two algorithms represent different trade-offs, in which DoubleSpaceSaving$\pm$ distributes the operations to two independent summaries while Integrated-SpaceSaving$\pm$ fully synchronizes deletions with insertions. Since data streams are often skewed, we present an improved analysis of these two algorithms and show that errors do not depend on the hot items and are only dependent on the cold and warm items. We also demonstrate how to achieve the relative error guarantee under mild assumptions. Moreover, we establish that the important mergeability property exists on these two algorithms which is desirable in distributed settings.
bounded deletions,algorithms
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