Improving Food-Related Quality of Life in Inflammatory Bowel Disease through a Novel Web Resource: A Feasibility Randomised Controlled Trial.


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Food-related quality of life (FR-QoL) is impaired in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and education and support on food-related issues in IBD is needed. This feasibility trial aimed to investigate the effectiveness and acceptability of a web resource in enhancing FR-QoL in newly diagnosed IBD. Patients diagnosed with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis in the preceding 12 months, with an impaired FR-QoL, were recruited and randomised to either receive access to the web resource (covering IBD-specific diet concerns) or no access (control group) for 12 weeks, while receiving usual clinical care. FR-QoL, health-related quality of life, psychological outcomes, and clinical disease activity were assessed. Web resource usage was assessed, and patients' experiences of the web resource were investigated in semi-structured interviews. Of 81 patients screened, 50 participants were randomised, 30 to the web resource and 20 to control. FR-QoL increased more in the web resource (+11.7 SD 18.2) than control group (+1.4 SD 20.4) ( = 0.067), while IBD distress reduced in the web resource (-6.8 SD 26.6) and increased in the control group (+8.3 SD 25.5) ( = 0.052), albeit not statistically significantly. End of trial Crohn's disease clinical activity (PRO-2) was significantly lower in the web resource than control group ( = 0.046). Participants most frequently accessed web resource content discussing dietary management of gut symptoms and in semi-structured interviews, reported the website to contain relevant information. This feasibility study demonstrates potential effectiveness of the web resource on improving FR-QoL and psychological outcomes in IBD. An adequately powered effectiveness RCT is feasible to conduct and is now warranted. NCT03884686.
eHealth,food-related quality of life,inflammatory bowel disease
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