Peristomal Skin Complications: Detailed Analysis of a Web-Based Survey and Predictive Risk Factors.

Eliana Guerra, Francesco Carlo Denti, Cristina Di Pasquale,Francesca Caroppo,Luisa Angileri, Margherita Cioni,Aurora Parodi,Anna Belloni Fortina,Silvia Ferrucci,Martina Burlando

Healthcare (Basel, Switzerland)(2023)

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Patients with a stoma are at risk of developing peristomal skin complications (PSCs) that can negatively impact their quality of life. This study aims to identify potential risk factors for dermatitis, pruritis/xerosis, infections, and ulcerations among patients with a stoma and evaluate preventive measures. This cross-sectional study involved data regarding 232 Italian patients with a stoma. A questionnaire was used to collect patient characteristics, comorbidities, and stoma management data. The most frequent PSCs observed were dermatitis and pruritis/xerosis in approximately 60% of patients. Psoriasis was strongly correlated with dermatitis, while being overweight or obese increased the risk of pruritis/xerosis. Class 2 obesity and atopic dermatitis were associated with an increased risk of infections. Being underweight, completely nonautonomous, and having inflammatory bowel disease were associated with a higher risk of ulcerations, while radiotherapy was a strong risk factor for ulceration. Preventive measures such as using hydrocolloid barriers, TNT gauze cleansing, and low pH detergent were effective in preventing dermatitis. Appropriate stoma care and maintenance, including the use of protective film and careful monitoring of weight and comorbidities, are crucial in minimizing the risk of complications associated with a stoma.
peristomal skin complications,risk factors,predictive risk factors,web-based
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