Hydraulic conductivity of fine-grained soils subjected to freeze-thaw cycles

Cold Regions Science and Technology(2023)

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This paper presents laboratory data from tests on four fine-grained soils: reconstituted Kaolinite, destructured Bothkennar clay, reconstituted Bothkennar clay, and reconstituted Gault clay. The soil samples were conditioned in an oedometer cell while being subjected to varying numbers of freezing and thawing cycles. The influence of freeze-thaw cycles on key soil parameters, including the hydraulic conductivity, Atterberg limits, compression and swelling index was studied. The experimental results were then compared with the analysis of a previously published database of hydraulic conductivity measurements on fine-grained soils called FG/KSAT-1358. The paper demonstrates that while multiple cycles of freezing and thawing affect some of the studied soil parameters, such as the Atterberg limits and the compression characteristics, the effects on the hydraulic conductivity transformation model parameters, linking the water content ratio to hydraulic conductivity are less apparent. The results are useful for geotechnical and pavement engineers when making assessments of freeze-thaw effects on subgrade materials in cold regions.
Freeze -thaw, Clays, Atterberg limits, Hydraulic conductivity
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