Ultrasonic-assisted extraction of virgin coconut oil from solid waste coconut


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Oil can be extracted by centrifugation, hot and cold extraction, enzyme extraction, ultrasonic-assisted extraction, and microwave extraction. The use of ultrasonic-assisted extraction (UAE) has gained widespread popularity. It helps to produce rapid movement of the solvent and results in a higher acceleration and mass transfer speed. In this study, solid coconut waste (SCW) was used as an alternative way to extract virgin coconut oil (VCO) using UAE. The experimental design was analyzed using face-centered central composite design (FCCCD) of response surface methodology (RSM) with three parameters which were time (10–60) (min), temperature extraction (30–70) (°C), and material-to-solvent ratio (1:1–1:3.5) (g/ml). The optimal condition was 47 min, 45 °C, and 1:3.2 material-to-solvent ratio.
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Face-centered central composite design (FCCCD),Response surface methodology (RSM),Solid coconut waste (SCW),Ultrasonic-assisted extraction (UAE),Virgin coconut oil (VCO)
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