A new method for motion accuracy allocation of mechanical transmission system based on interval intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy number and Meta-action theory

Research Square (Research Square)(2022)

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Abstract There are two problems in the traditional motion accuracy allocation process of mechanical transmission system: one is the error modeling process can not reflect the error formation mechanism of the system; the other is the influence of maintenance cost is ignored in the process of establishing the optimal allocation model of motion accuracy. Therefore, the meta-action theory is introduced in this paper and the meta-action unit is taken as the basic analysis unit, the error modeling of the mechanical transmission system is studied and the formation mechanism of the motion error is correctly analyzed. The factors of part manufacturing cost, assembly cost and maintenance cost of unit are comprehensively considered, and the comprehensive cost of mechanical transmission system is accurately evaluated by using multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) method. Then, based on the motion error model of mechanical transmission system, a multi-objective optimal allocation model of motion accuracy is established. The Pareto non-dominated solution set is solved by intelligent algorithm, and the optimal solution is selected by fuzzy set method to realize the allocation of motion accuracy of mechanical transmission system. Finally, the method described in this paper is illustrated by an engineering example.
fuzzy number,mechanical transmission system,intuitionistic trapezoidal,motion accuracy allocation,interval,meta-action
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