Learning Dynamic Point Cloud Compression via Hierarchical Inter-frame Block Matching


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3D dynamic point cloud (DPC) compression relies on mining its temporal context, which faces significant challenges due to DPC's sparsity and non-uniform structure. Existing methods are limited in capturing sufficient temporal dependencies. Therefore, this paper proposes a learning-based DPC compression framework via hierarchical block-matching-based inter-prediction module to compensate and compress the DPC geometry in latent space. Specifically, we propose a hierarchical motion estimation and motion compensation (Hie-ME/MC) framework for flexible inter-prediction, which dynamically selects the granularity of optical flow to encapsulate the motion information accurately. To improve the motion estimation efficiency of the proposed inter-prediction module, we further design a KNN-attention block matching (KABM) network that determines the impact of potential corresponding points based on the geometry and feature correlation. Finally, we compress the residual and the multi-scale optical flow with a fully-factorized deep entropy model. The experiment result on the MPEG-specified Owlii Dynamic Human Dynamic Point Cloud (Owlii) dataset shows that our framework outperforms the previous state-of-the-art methods and the MPEG standard V-PCC v18 in inter-frame low-delay mode.
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