Student Engagement and Leaning through Digital Educational Technology

Meena Jha,Sanjay Jha, Sweta Thakur, Jun Xu

2022 IEEE Asia-Pacific Conference on Computer Science and Data Engineering (CSDE)(2022)

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Educational technologies across all disciplines have been used extensively to fulfil the changing needs of the higher education sector, moving from traditional classrooms to online education. There is an increasing demand and expectation for universities to incorporate more significant levels of technology into their curriculum design and delivery. Educational technologies generate opportunities in designing and delivering learning resources. While the literature base on educational technology is growing, there is still a lack of systematic study of this emerging technology's efficacy on students' engagement. Educators using educational technology in their curriculum and course delivery to engage students is an issue and requires the attention of all educators. The study findings present three themes related to the use of educational technology in higher education based on (a) behavioural engagement; (b) emotional engagement; and (c) cognitive engagement, impacting (a) student satisfaction; (b) student motivation; (c) student performance and (d) sense of connection. In this paper, we present the use of educational technologies in the higher education sector and their impact on students' engagement and retention.
Educational technology,student engagement,higher education,student need
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