Storytelling with Image Data: A Systematic Review and Comparative Analysis of Methods and Tools.


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In our digital age, data are generated constantly from public and private sources, social media platforms, and the Internet of Things. A significant portion of this information comes in the form of unstructured images and videos, such as the 95 million daily photos and videos shared on Instagram and the 136 billion images available on Google Images. Despite advances in image processing and analytics, the current state of the art lacks effective methods for discovering, linking, and comprehending image data. Consider, for instance, the images from a crime scene that hold critical information for a police investigation. Currently, no system can interactively generate a comprehensive narrative of events from the incident to the conclusion of the investigation. To address this gap in research, we have conducted a thorough systematic literature review of existing methods, from labeling and captioning to extraction, enrichment, and transforming image data into contextualized information and knowledge. Our review has led us to propose the vision of storytelling with image data, an innovative framework designed to address fundamental challenges in image data comprehension. In particular, we focus on the research problem of understanding image data in general and, specifically, curating, summarizing, linking, and presenting large amounts of image data in a digestible manner to users. In this context, storytelling serves as an appropriate metaphor, as it can capture and depict the narratives and insights locked within the relationships among data stored across different islands. Additionally, a story can be subjective and told from various perspectives, ranging from a highly abstract narrative to a highly detailed one.
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image data,tools,systematic review
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