Deep Learning and Medical Imaging for COVID-19 Diagnosis: A Comprehensive Survey

Song Wu,Yazhou Ren, Aodi Yang, Xinyue Chen,Xiaorong Pu,Jing He,Liqiang Nie,Philip S. Yu


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COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease 2019) has been quickly spreading since its outbreak, impacting financial markets and healthcare systems globally. Countries all around the world have adopted a number of extraordinary steps to restrict the spreading virus, where early COVID-19 diagnosis is essential. Medical images such as X-ray images and Computed Tomography scans are becoming one of the main diagnostic tools to combat COVID-19 with the aid of deep learning-based systems. In this survey, we investigate the main contributions of deep learning applications using medical images in fighting against COVID-19 from the aspects of image classification, lesion localization, and severity quantification, and review different deep learning architectures and some image preprocessing techniques for achieving a preciser diagnosis. We also provide a summary of the X-ray and CT image datasets used in various studies for COVID-19 detection. The key difficulties and potential applications of deep learning in fighting against COVID-19 are finally discussed. This work summarizes the latest methods of deep learning using medical images to diagnose COVID-19, highlighting the challenges and inspiring more studies to keep utilizing the advantages of deep learning to combat COVID-19.
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