Saliva diagnostics: emerging techniques and biomarkers for salivaomics in cancer detection.

Jieren Liu, Dongna Huang,Yuanzhe Cai, Zhihua Cao, Zhiyu Liu, Shuo Zhang, Lin Zhao,Xin Wang,Yuchuan Wang,Feijuan Huang,Zhengzhi Wu

Expert review of molecular diagnostics(2022)

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INTRODUCTION:The pursuit of easy-to-use, non-invasive and inexpensive diagnostics is an urgent task for clinicians and scientists. Saliva is an important component of body fluid with regular changes of contents under various pathophysiological conditions, and the biomarkers identified from saliva shows high application potentials and values in disease diagnostics. This review introduces the latest developments in saliva research, with an emphasis on the detection and application of salivary biomarkers in cancer detection. AREAS COVERED:Detection of disease-specific biomarkers in saliva samples by existing salivaomic methods can be used to diagnose various human pathological conditions and was introduced in details. This review also covers the saliva collection methods, the analytical techniques as well as the corresponding commercial products, with an aim to describe an holistic process for saliva-based diagnostics. EXPERT OPINION:Saliva, as a non-invasive and collectable body fluid, can reflect the pathophysiological changes of the human body to a certain extent. Identification of reliable saliva biomarkers can provide a convenient way for cancer detection in clinical applications.
Saliva,biomarker detection,cancer diagnostics,salivaomics
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