Electrospun carbon nanofibers and their reinforced composites: Preparation, modification, applications, and perspectives

Composites Part B: Engineering(2023)

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Electrospinning is a common method for preparing nanomaterials. Among many electrospinning materials, electrospun carbon nanofibers (CNFs) have become one of the hot research directions for advanced functional materials owing to their good mechanical properties, high surface area, excellent flexibility, physical and chemical stability. Particularly, significant progress has been made in the engineering advancement of electrospinning, electrospun CNFs and their derived reinforced composites to fulfill various applications. This review aims to afford a comprehensive overview of electrospun CNF reinforced composites. Firstly, the different precursors, the correlative properties, and surface modification strategies (e.g., physical modification and chemical modification) of electrospun CNFs are introduced. Secondly, the preparation methods of reinforced composites based on electrospun CNFs are described in detail. Then, the functional applications of electrospun CNF reinforced composites are discussed. Finally, the challenges and future solutions of electrospun CNF reinforced composites are also prospected. This review is expected to offer a basic but deep understanding of modification strategies to heighten the surface performances of CNFs for the future development of high-performance electrospun CNF reinforced composites in the composite industry, defense, and aerospace applications.
Carbon fibre,Polymer-matrix composites,Mechanical properties,Surface treatment
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