CAMANet: Class Activation Map Guided Attention Network for Radiology Report Generation.

IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics(2024)

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Radiology report generation (RRG) has gained increasing research attention because of its huge potential to mitigate medical resource shortages and aid the process of disease decision making by radiologists. Recent advancements in Radiology Report Generation (RRG) are largely driven by improving a model's capabilities in encoding single-modal feature representations, while few studies explicitly explore the cross-modal alignment between image regions and words. Radiologists typically focus first on abnormal image regions before composing the corresponding text descriptions, thus cross-modal alignment is of great importance to learn a RRG model which is aware of abnormalities in the image. Motivated by this, we propose a Class Activation Map guided Attention Network (CAMANet) which explicitly promotes cross-modal alignment by employing aggregated class activation maps to supervise cross-modal attention learning, and simultaneously enrich the discriminative information. Experimental results demonstrate that CAMANet outperforms previous SOTA methods on two commonly used RRG benchmarks.
Radiology report generation,Cross-modal alignment,Class activation map
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