Deep Unsupervised Weighted Hashing for Remote Sensing Image Retrieval

Journal of Database Management(2022)

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Deep unsupervised hashing methods are gaining attention in the field of remote sensing (RS) image retrieval due to the rapid growth in the volume of unlabeled RS data. Most previous unsupervised hashing research used only natural image-based pre-trained models to generate label matrices; however, this method cannot capture the semantic information of RS images well and limits the accuracy of retrieval. To solve this problem, the authors propose a deep unsupervised weighted hashing (DUWH) model that uses a similarity matrix updating strategy based on a weighted similarity structure to achieve the mutual optimization of the similarity matrix and hash network. The authors devise a novel combinatorial loss function to improve the hash performance that can be used to obtain higher quality hash codes by assigning different weights to the sample pairs with different difficulties. Experiments were conducted on two RS datasets to verify the excellent performance of the proposed method.
Adaptive Weight,Deep Unsupervised Learning,Hash Learning,Remote Sensing Image Retrieval,Similarity Matrix Update
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