Elevator Leveling Failures Monitoring Device and Method

R. Z. Sun, X. A. Wang,Y. Z. Cai, J. M. Cao

Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing(2022)

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Elevators are highly susceptible to safety incidents in the event of leveling failures, so the ability to monitor related failures must be strengthened. This paper proposed a new elevator leveling failures monitoring device and method in which elevator signals are obtained from the elevator CAN bus interface, transmitted to a remote monitoring platform via NB-IoT, and stored in our private data center. The leveling sensor sensing signal, the door signal, the car call signal, the target floor signal, and the running signal are obtained by analyzing the data extracted from the elevator. Logical analysis could be used to determine the elevator’s running status and leveling-related failures. The device and method could identify and also predict leveling-related failures and have advantages in terms of universality, accuracy, and economy.
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