A Penny for your Thoughts: Students and Instructors’ Expectations about Learning Analytics in Brazil

LAK22: 12th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference(2022)

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Stakeholder engagement is a key aspect for the successful implementation of Learning Analytics (LA) in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). Studies in Europe and Latin America (LATAM) indicate that, overall, instructors and students have positive views on LA adoption, but there are differences between their ideal expectations and what they consider realistic in the context of their institutions. So far, very little has been found about stakeholders' views on LA in Brazilian higher education. By replicating the survey conducted in other countries, in seven Brazilian HEIs, we found convergences both with Europe and LATAM, reinforcing the need for local diagnosis and indicating the risk of assuming a "LATAM identity". Our findings contribute to building a corpus of knowledge on stakeholders expectations with a contextualised comprehension of the gaps between ideal and predicted scenarios, which can inform institutional policies for LA implementation in Brazil.
Learning analytics,higher education,stakeholder perspective,institutional adoption
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