Therapeutic application of chick early amniotic fluid: effective rescue of acute myocardial ischemic injury by intravenous administration

Baiping Cui,Yufan Zheng, Xiang Gao,Lihong Zhang,Borui Li, Jia Chen,Xinyan Zhou, Mengyuan Cai,Wenrui Sun,Yuting Zhang, Keejong Chang, Jiayi Xu, Fuyin Zhu,Yan Luo,Tao Sun,Jin Qian,Ning Sun

Cell Regeneration(2022)

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Myocardial regeneration has been considered a promising option for the treatment of adult myocardial injuries. Previously, a chick early amniotic fluid (ceAF) preparation was shown to contain growth-related factors that promoted embryonic growth and cellular proliferation, though the nature of the components within ceAF were not fully defined. Here we tested whether this ceAF preparation is similarly effective in the promotion of myocardial regeneration, which could provide an alternative therapeutic for intervening myocardial injury. In this study, a myocardial ischemic injury model was established in adult mice and pigs by multiple research entities, and we were able to show that ceAF can efficiently rescue damaged cardiac tissues and markedly improve cardiac function in both experimental models through intravenous administration. ceAF administration increased cell proliferation and improved angiogenesis, likely via down-regulation of Hippo-YAP signaling. Our data suggest that ceAF administration can effectively rescue ischemic heart injury, providing the key functional information for the further development of ceAF for use in attenuating myocardial injury.
Myocardial ischemic injury,Chick early amniotic fluid,Heart,Yap
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