Sparse Local Patch Transformer for Robust Face Alignment and Landmarks Inherent Relation Learning

IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition(2022)

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Heatmap regression methods have dominated face alignment area in recent years while they ignore the inherent relation between different landmarks. In this paper, we propose a Sparse Local Patch Transformer (SLPT) for learning the inherent relation. The SLPT generates the representation of each single landmark from a local patch and aggregates them by an adaptive inherent relation based on the attention mechanism. The subpixel coordinate of each landmark is predicted independently based on the aggregated feature. Moreover, a coarse-to-fine framework is further introduced to incorporate with the SLPT, which enables the initial landmarks to gradually converge to the target facial landmarks using fine-grained features from dynamically resized local patches. Extensive experiments carried out on three popular benchmarks, including WFLW, 300W and COFW, demonstrate that the proposed method works at the state-of-the-art level with much less computational complexity by learning the inherent relation between facial landmarks. The code is available at the project website 1 1
Face and gestures, Deep learning architectures and techniques
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