A Time-Sensitive Token-Based Anonymous Authentication and Dynamic Group Key Agreement Scheme for Industry 5.0

IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics(2022)

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In Industry 5.0, the massive number of Internet of Things devices have increasing demands for group communication with a high communication efficiency and low energy consumption. However, group communication meets continuously increasing security risk challenges. Existing authentication and group key agreement schemes have encountered many problems, such as lack of anonymity and untraceability. In this article, we propose an anonymous authentication and dynamic group key agreement scheme based on the Blockchain and token mechanism, where each group member can apply for a time-sensitive token during the first authentication and only needs to check the validity of the token in the subsequent authentication, reducing the computational and transmission costs considerably. The verification on the security of the proposed scheme is tackled through mathematical analysis and validated using ProVerif, and comparisons with existing schemes demonstrate that the proposed scheme reduces the security risks and each group member’s energy consumption.
Anonymous authentication,blockchain,cryptography,group key agreement,Industry 5.0
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