Flexible Calibration Method for Fringe Projection Profilometry System using Spheres

Proceedings of SPIE(2019)

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A newly developed flexible calibration algorithm for fringe projection profilometry system is presented in this paper. Previous studies have exploited images of spheres to calibrate the camera. It is shown in this paper that this approach can be improved to suit for the projector and ultimately achieve the overall calibration of FPP (Fringe Projection Profilometry) system. Taking the projector as a virtual camera, the images of sphere contour on the projectors plane can also be obtained through the phase information. The derivation and acquisition of intrinsic parameters for projector are just the same way used in the camera. In our algorithm, at least 3 images of sphere contour on both camera and projector are obtained to calculate the homography between these two views. Then the image of the sphere and its shadow on an induced plane settled in the back of the sphere are added to recover the epipolar geometry for the FPP system. Experimental results on real data are presented, which demonstrate the feasibility and accuracy achieved by our proposed algorithm.
Calibration,Fringe Projection,Phase Measurement,Epipolar Geometry
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