City Cancer Challenge: Changing the Future of Cancer in Urban Populations.

Susan M Henshall, Hugo V Villar, Raul Doria,Danny A Milner

American Society of Clinical Oncology educational book. American Society of Clinical Oncology. Annual Meeting(2019)

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Incidence and mortality from cancer is increasing in most countries in the world, with the highest burden in developing countries. City Cancer Challenge (C/Can), an initiative launched in 2017, aims to improve access to quality cancer care in metropolitan areas (1 million inhabitants or more) in low- and upper-middle income countries by transforming the way stakeholders at the city, regional, and national levels collectively design, plan, and implement local cancer solutions. The approach is built on the core principle that local leaders in cities define their own needs and craft solutions with the support of a network of global, regional, and local partners that reflect an understanding of the unique local context. C/Can aims to build a collective movement of cities that can together deliver quality, equitable, and sustainable cancer control solutions for all.
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