An Interactive Interface of QualNet for DigSilent in Power Grid Simulation

2019 21st International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT)(2019)

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Recently, power grid simulation has been widely considered for the smart grid implementation. In order to obtain the influence of communication network on power grid, the co-simulation architecture was considered, while the simulation based on QualNet and DigSilent has not been considered. In this paper, a power grid co-simulation interface (PGCI) is designed for QualNet and DigSilent to support the information exchanging, e.g., power dispatch data and control commands, for joint simulation. PGCI packets the data generated by the DigSilent into the messages that can be realized by the QualNet, by which the data can be transmitted into the network simulator, then the received messages are parsed and sent back to the DigSilent. Experiment results demonstrate that the proposed interface, PGCI, can effectively exchange the power dispatch and control commands between DigSilent and QualNet, where the influence of communication network on the power grid can be realized.
Power grids,Communication networks,Data models,Power system stability,Sockets,Wireless communication,Power system dynamics
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