Maverick: Discovering Exceptional Facts from Knowledge Graphs.

SIGMOD/PODS '18: International Conference on Management of Data Houston TX USA June, 2018(2018)

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We present Maverick, a general, extensible framework that discovers exceptional facts about entities in knowledge graphs. To the best of our knowledge, there was no previous study of the problem. We model an exceptional fact about an entity of interest as a context-subspace pair, in which a subspace is a set of attributes and a context is defined by a graph query pattern of which the entity is a match. The entity is exceptional among the entities in the context, with regard to the subspace. The search spaces of both patterns and subspaces are exponentially large. Maverick conducts beam search on the patterns which uses a match-based pattern construction method to evade the evaluation of invalid patterns. It applies two heuristics to select promising patterns to form the beam in each iteration. Maverick traverses and prunes the subspaces organized as a set enumeration tree by exploiting the upper bound properties of exceptionality scoring functions. Results of experiments and user studies using real-world datasets demonstrated substantial performance improvement of the proposed framework over the baselines as well as its effectiveness in discovering exceptional facts.
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