Background: Lead Scientist / Vice Group Manager at Rakuten, Japan (Computer Vision, e-commerce services) Assistant Professor at Kyoto University, Matsuyama Lab., Japan (Computer Vision) Senior R&D Engineer at Trimble, France (3D Laser Scanner) Software Engineer at Alcatel, France (Mobile Phone Service) Ph.D. degree from Telecom ParisTech, France (3D Shape Modeling/Computer Vision; Supervisor: Pr. Francis Schmitt) Interests: Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition: 3D reconstruction of dynamic scenes, object recognition/classification, scene understanding, lighting estimation, visual tracking, Shape Modeling: geometry and topology description, shape/surface matching, Reeb graphs, Large database processing: indexing and retrieval of geometric data (3D art objects, 3D video data, etc.), data coding, compression, Human Computer Interaction: multimodal A/V systems (hardware/software), immersive systems, multimodal event dynamics modeling, Image/Video processing, Software Engineering, applications to AR/VR.