I am an assistant professor in the Information Science department at Cornell University. I was previously a postdoctoral researcher with David Blei at Princeton. I received my PhD from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, with Andrew McCallum. I tweet @dmimno. Before coming to UMass, I worked for an internet auction startup, the NLP group at the University of Sheffield, and the Perseus Project, a cultural heritage digital library. I have a particular interest in historical texts and languages. I supervise PhD students in Information Science and Computer Science. Teaching: INFO 3350/6350: Text mining for History and Literature. [Fall 2015] INFO 3300: Data-driven Web Applications also listed as INFO 5100 for Masters students. [Spring 2016] INFO 6150/CS 6788: Advanced Topic Modeling [Fall 2016] I co-organized a Topic Modeling Workshop at NIPS 2013. I supervise the MALLET Machine Learning toolkit. Here are some resources and tools that might be useful: An implementation of LDA in Javascript + D3. Slides (and video!) from a presentation at the MITH Digital Humanities topic modeling workshop. Java implementations of topic model algorithms. An extensive bibliography on topic modeling. Example R scripts from Princeton course on probabilistic modeling (COS513) A model of topic change over five years of ICML. A topic model of Wikipedia aligned across 40 languages. A map of the NIH (I provided topic- and word-based distance measurements), profiled in Nature Methods. Time-series plots of 1000 topics extracted from 20 years of the New York Times. Classics-related topics in 12 languages from Wikipedia, with a visualization of the relative proportion of each wiki on each topic.